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Millions of American citizens are struggling with credit card debts, HELOC, loans, tax debt or other kind of debts and many times it feels like there’s no way out. The Good news is there is a way to find true relief! But only if you follow the right path to your freedom. We are the leading credit score repair and builder company that mainly work on removal of any negativity on credit report by paying off our customer’s credit debts by providing a long term and low interest consolidation loans for our customer and addition of Trade-lines for 100% effective and rapid score boost. We are unique with our outstanding partners that gives us the ability to consolidate our customers and pay off any kind of debts.

Credit available balance cycle is a new and unique way to be debts free and also gaining a reasonable point on your credit score from credit cards, Heloc, loans or any sort of debts that reflect on credit report.

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Credit Card Score Repair
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 12 reviews
by Mattie W. Charlotte on Credit Card Score Repair

"My experience with ccscorerepair.com has been good and effective, considering the bad situation of my credit. What they advertise they will do is true. So far, I'm satisfied. In past years I've worked on credit repair and know how tedious it is & how tenacious you must be. Now, it is almost impossible to keep up with. They changed the rules. CreditRepair.com has taken all that 'work' on and so far, has been worth it."

by Kambrian Fort Worth on Credit Card Score Repair

"I love ccscorerepair.com, I was advised in April 2014 to use them by my son and dad, and they have been much help so far. I am able to track all 3 bureaus and the activity that goes on. My score is not perfect just yet, but they have removed most of the hard inquiries, which raised my score 40 points in no time. Thank you ccscorerepair.com. I definitely recommend to all my friends and who ever comes across this post."

by April Indianapolis on Credit Card Score Repair

"Since I reached adult hood my credit has been poor due to having a serious medical condition and being raised in a struggling family without proper medical insurance. Even though I've worked hard my whole life I could never get a handle on my credit situation and never had the opportunity to prove my credit worthiness. Desperate to have good credit I've been taken by scams promising to clean my credit up and after thousands of dollars I've seen no change. Reluctantly I allowed CreditRepair.com to help me with their promise to clean my credit up and they are doing just that! In just a couple months they've proven they stand by their word! My credit score has jumped from the very weak 400's to 620 and they're not done yet! Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you, CreditRepair.com!"

by David Ables Maurice on Credit Card Score Repair

"In just two weeks after joining CreditRepair.com 3 negative items have been removed from my credit report and they are still working on removing more. I am very happy I joined ccscorerepair.com"

by Yvette Lilly on Credit Card Score Repair
Bronx, NY

"ccscorerepair.com has really helped me out. I see a differece in my credit score and I'm looking forward to seeing more changes. I couldn't have done it myself. Thanks"

by Paula Wright on Credit Card Score Repair
Mount Vernon, NY

"I would advise everyone who is suffering from low scores or negative items on your report to get help from ccscorerepair.com. I will never quit using them until my score reaches 850."

by Gary Thomas on Credit Card Score Repair
West Monroe, LA

"ccscorerepair.com has made a huge difference in my credit score. They have removed over 56% of negative items off of my credit report. It is worth the time and the money to use this service. I can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you ccscorerepair.com, you have helped me in rebuilding my credit score"

by Lacey Sculls on Credit Card Score Repair
Los Angeles, CA

"I recently started working with ccscorerepair.com and I am already SO happy that I did! They are working hard and have already made a positive impact on my credit report. They helped remove negative items from my credit report that shouldn't have been there. This directly caused an increase in my credit score! I called their customer support line the other day and they were easy to talk to, the guy was VERY friendly and easy to understand, and in a country full of terrible customer service, ccscorerepair.com's customer service definitely gets an A+! The price they ask for their services is more than fair. I am very pleased with the service that I have received so far from ccscorerepair.com and I will definitely recommend them to my friends. "

by Charles on Credit Card Score Repair
Satisfied Recommender

I am very pleased with ccscorerepair.com! They made it easier for me to understand my credit and resolved a high percentage of my credit issues. Every time I called and had a question, they assisted me with answers. I would recommend anyone that needs their credit repaired to try here first. Thank you ccscorerepair.com so much.

by Vicky on Credit Card Score Repair
Pleased Skeptic

 When I first signed up, I was a little skeptical and was thinking that maybe this was just going to be a scam. I've been a customer since June and it is only three months later and 14% (6 items) have been deleted. I'm on my way to improved credit. ccscorerepair.com made me a believer!

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